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                       INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING:

How does counseling work?  Well, it's both simple and complex.  Simple because all you have to do is be open and willing to explore the reasons you feel bad.  Complex because you might be scared of opening up that "can of worms" you have worked so hard at disguising all of these years. 

This is where my years of experience and expertise will be very helpful to you.  I will provide you a safe, confidential and supportive environment to help you sort through your feelings.  I will be your guide and interpreter as you navigate these feelings.  You will not go through this Journey alone.  I will support you every step of the way!

The process is you talk about your concerns and I help you explore your feelings and provide you proven tools to eliminate your defenses that have gotten in the way of your happiness.  

The "magic" of counseling is really in the therapeutic relationship between counselor (me!) and client (you!).  Individuals need unconditional support to make big changes in his/her life.  The experience of participating in counseling is life changing!  What are you waiting for?

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